Tokyo Designer Gakuin

To apply for these programs you need a minimum of JLPT Level N2.

Enrollment Period: April

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Tokyo Designer Gakuin Overview

To apply for these programs you need a minimum of JLPT Level N2.

Enrollment Period: April

Equipped with the latest professional equipment, Tokyo Designer Gakuin is the perfect school to acquire the skills you need to enter the design industry. Each department closely follows the latest trends and innovation and develops close relationships with major companies. Students will receive the opportunity to practice in a real working environment while being tutored by industry professionals.

School equipment and facilities

  • Motion capture system ‘MVN’ 
  • Make-up salon
  • Sewing Room
  • Printing studio ‘InQ’
  • Creactive library
  • Comic reading room
  • Digital manga lab
  • Studio terrace
  • Motion capture studio



Graphic Design Department

Become a designer able to give life to posters, flyers, magazines, advertisements and more through your graphic design skills. Unleash your creativity and find your strengths while growing into a skilled, accomplished designer.


Visual Image Design Department

Develop the skills you need to work in CG, VFX and more. The two-year curriculum is constantly evolving to match with technological innovations. You will get hands-on experience with professional tools and graduate ready to secure employment in the visual design industry. On top of your classes, you will get the opportunity to experience seminars from famous artists and participate in professional internship programs.


Product Design Department

Specialize in product design and learn to spark joy in your customers with innovative products, from stationary to home appliances, smartphones, furniture, cars, toys and more. From brainstorming product ideas to planning, production and sales, professional instructors will give you the guidance and education necessary to join the industry.


Interior Design Department

Become an expert interior designer and learn to coordinate flooring, wallpaper, furniture and more. Deepen your understanding of colors, lighting and space in the school’s lighting studio by experimenting with real-scale spatial design. Then use your skills to take on opportunities to collaborate with companies, notably Suntory, Crasia and Roppongi MidTown Aqua Art, then create an exhibit at the yearly Tokyo Design Week.


Architectural Design Department

Attain the skills you need to become an accomplished architect able to work in urban planning, or designing houses, public and commercial buildings. The department’s practical classes, conducted by professional architects, will give you the tools necessary to pass Japan’s national architecture certification test.


Illustration Department

Sharpen both your analog and digital illustration skills and take the opportunity to attend seminars from seasoned illustrators. Then take the skills you have gained and showcase your portfolio at the school’s Message Book Exhibition.


Manga Department

The Manga Department prepares you to be part of a new generation of mangaka, in an evolving industry transcending the traditional framework of genres — shounen, shoujo, seinen. Your professors will be active manga artists who can pass on their practical knowledge and all the skills you need to make it in the industry.


Comic Department

Nurture your art abilities to create the best comic illustrations for light novels, manga, video games and more. Gain a solid grasp of the latest trends in the industry, ready to meet the challenges of media outlets.


First year tuition: ¥1,347,000

Second year tuition: ¥1,364,000

Course material feeFrom ¥67,000 to ¥463,000*

*Depending on the selected major.

For more detailed information and fees, please inquire!
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