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JLPT N2 level of equivalent Japanese is needed to succeed. 

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Anime Artist Academy Overview

JLPT N2 level of equivalent Japanese is needed to succeed. 

Anime Artist Academy partners with top companies and directors in the anime industry to bring you the education you need to break into the industry you love. Students will learn to use the latest technology being implemented in the anime industry, as well as experience the joy and strict standards of being a professional through real work experiences.

All of which will polish and enhance your ability to work actively in the anime industry and in Japan in general.

AAA lecturers are all experienced industry veterans and have teaching experience at various vocational schools throughout Japan. The textbooks are completely original creations of the staff, who also are able to provide additional individualized guidance to ensure you thrive. You will have your own homeroom teacher who can help you set and achieve your goals in the anime industry.



Digital Animation Department

Do you love anime? Want to get into the industry and become part of the next hit anime? Then the Digital Animation Department at Anime Artist Academy might be for you. Learn all the skills necessary to create the shows you know and love!


Voice Acting Department

The Voice Acting Department at Anime Artist Academy can prepare you to become the next anime star! Learn how to use the most up to date professional equipment, master your Japanese accent and prepare for a fun and rewarding career.

1st year: ¥1,210,000
2nd year: ¥1,010,000

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