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We offer full support for you to study, live and work in Japan.

GaijinPot Study has helped hundreds of students fulfill their dream of studying in Japan. Our student coordinators are available to help you choose the right school, get your student visa and start living in Japan.

Keen to stay in Japan long enough to really get to grips with the culture? Planning to build a career using your Japanese language skills? Or determined to settle in Japan permanently? Long-term courses could be the best option for you.


Find the RIGHT school for you

Whether you learn best through serious, intensive study or prefer a more informal environment, we can match you with a school that will offer the ideal study environment for you. Our GaijinPot Study Coordinators know each of the schools inside and out and are well-equipped to provide you with a program that fits your learning preferences, Japanese level and future study goals.


EASY student visa application process

The key to a quick and easy visa application is to have all of the necessary documents ready — a challenge if you don’t know exactly what you need! Our GaijinPot Study coordinators are certified immigration experts and will help you gather all of the correct documents and complete the application process as easily as possible.


Full SUPPORT for your new life in Japan

Do you need an apartment in Japan? Tell us your budget and requirements and we’ll help secure your apartment so that it’s ready when you land. Need a part-time job while studying? We can assist you with the tricky business of job hunting and applications.

Student orientation PARTY

Have fun and make new friends by joining our student orientation events held four times a year. The events are a great chance to learn just how to make the most of your time in Japan, make new friends and meet our GaijinPot Study Coordinators in real life.


The prices and figures vary from school to school.

For up-to-date prices, check out the individual school pages. Just so you know, GaijinPot does not take any portion of the tuition fees from students and our support services are completely free.

6 Months
¥356,560 - ¥500,000
9 Months
¥576,800 - ¥711,500
1 Year
¥644,120 - ¥923,000
2 Years
¥1,380,000 - ¥1,800,200


Contact us to start your application process.

Either your or a family member must be able to show annual income AND bank balance of 2 million yen or more.

You are responsible for all costs associated with studying in Japan, including tuition and housing. Scholarships and other forms of financial aid are not available.

Feeling a little lost? Head over of the Student Guide to read in depth articles about immigration procedures, studying at a school, living and working in Japan and more.