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School Highlights

  • Saitama is an economic place to live
  • Located in a convenient location
  • Provides extra kanji classes
  • Free Wi-Fi on school grounds
  • Part-time job introduction available
  • Extracurricular activities organized by the school
@Gaijinpot: "Yono Gakuin offers great classes in a relaxed atmosphere with supportive teachers and the extra kanji help is a real lifesaver. You’ll make plenty of international friends through the many cultural activities offered during the year."

Bring your Japanese to the next level while enjoying all the country has to offer!


With over 30 years of experience, Yono Gakuin Japanese Language School offers the support you need to achieve your dreams in Japan. Situated in Saitama City, the capital of the fastest growing prefecture in the country, Yono Gakuin will nurture your Japanese skills and prepare you for higher education or the start of your career. Check out our video below to see and learn more, or scroll down if you prefer to read!

Conveniently located in the affordable neighborhood of Saitama-Shintoshin, you are 30 minutes away from Tokyo and Shinjuku stations. Enjoy the Japanese suburban lifestyle, and if you like, even work part-time while deepening your understanding of Japanese culture and society. 

On top of an excellent Japanese curriculum covering both JLPT and examination for Japanese university admission (EJU) content, Yono Gakuin offers daily kanji classes. The school’s team will help you renew your visa, open a bank account, find a part-time job and more. Yono Gakuin even holds employment seminars to introduce you to potential employers in partnership with recruiting agencies.

When you’re taking a break from class, take part in fun cultural events while discovering Japan with new friends, all arranged by Yono Gakuin.

GaijinPot Recommends:
Long-Term Japanese Course

Develop high-level Japanese language skills with Yono Gakuin’s full-time, two-year course. This curriculum is perfect for those who want to level up from daily survival Japanese to doing business and building a career.


Long-Term Course with Student Visa

Beginners are welcome! Develop your skills in the four core aspects of language: speaking, listening, reading and writing. You will receive homework daily and your progress will be evaluated regularly to ensure you acquire a good command of the Japanese language.

Enrollment Period: April, July, October
Class Schedule: Monday-Friday
Class Duration:  9:00-12:30 or 13:30-17:00


6-Month Tuition: ¥443,200
1-Year Tuition: ¥801,400
2-Year Tuition: ¥1,527,800

Short-Term Course

This intensive Japanese course is available for any student who wishes to do a short-term study program in Japan. The curriculum is equivalent to the full-time course.

Enrollment Period: April, July, October
Class Schedule: Monday-Friday
Class Duration:  9:00-12:30 or 13:30-17:00


1-Month Tuition: ¥79,706
2-Month Tuition: ¥139,412
3-Month Tuition: ¥199,118

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