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School Highlights

  • Welcoming, friendly and respectful environment
  • Extra support for your life in Japan, from administrative paperwork to housing
  • Fun extra curricular activities like calligraphy and going to theme parks every term
  • Focus is on conversation skills rather than textbook study
@Gaijinpot: "Tokyo Cocoro puts their heart into teaching practical real-life Japanese you can immediately use outside of your class."

Tokyo Cocoro will help you get the confidence you need to speak Japanese fluently.


True to their motto “let’s learn Japanese that you can actually use”, Tokyo Cocoro Japanese Language School is a conversation-based school with a curriculum that focuses heavily on speaking and immersing yourself in the culture of Japan while learning the language. 

Like their school name hints at —Cocoro translating to “heart” in Japanese, the school’s awesome team put their hearts into their educational policies, from staff training to inclusivity and cultural awareness in their communication. The school itself was created by Japanese language teachers getting together and making the kind of school that they’d always wanted to teach at and knowing exactly the kind of experience students are looking for. They will warmly welcome you, support you through your stay, and help you grow and gain confidence speaking Japanese.

Tokyo Cocoro’s team provides assistance with getting settled in Japan, finding accommodation, part-time jobs and more. 

Studies move at a comfortable pace to make sure students have plenty of time to practice what they learn and to make room for all of the extra-curricular activities you’ll be going to, and there are plenty of events during the year for students to learn Japanese culture and try out traditional activities. For those already living in Japan, the Summer Course provides a chance to level up your skills quickly.

Located in a quiet residential neighborhood, Tokyo Cocoro can boast to be a mere 12-min away by train from Ikebukuro, one of the busiest and most popular districts in Tokyo. Despite being so close, the Itabashi neighborhood is quiet and quaint, with plenty of local stores and cheaper rents than you would find in the busier districts. Loved by international students, you can enjoy it’s unique and quirky atmosphere and all the cool places that the area has to offer during your studies.


Long Term Course With Student Visa

This course is designed for students who want to build a strong understanding of the fundamentals of Japanese while actively practicing speaking using real life examples taken not from their own experiences, but also TV shows, movies and more.

Enrollment Period: April, October 
Class Schedule: 4×45-minute lessons per day
Class Duration: 9:30-12:50 or 13:30-16:50


1-Year Tuition: ¥788,000
2-Year Tuition: ¥1,498,000

*Student insurance fee not included. 

Short-Term Course

This course is for any student who wishes to do a short-term study program in Japan. Ideally suited for foreign university students or anyone working in Japan, the curriculum is taken from the full-time course.

Class Schedule: 4×45-minute lessons per day
Class Duration: 9:30-12:50 or 13:30-16:50


From 1-Month: ¥60,000

*Student insurance, course material and enrollment fee not included. 

Summer Course

Tokyo Cocoro offers a 10-day Summer Course open to international students as well as residents in Japan. 

Course Duration: 10 days


10-Day Summer Course: ¥48,000

*Extra curricular activities from ¥25,000.
**Student insurance fee and course material not included. 



Although GaijinPot Study Service is FREE either you or a family member must be able to show annual income AND bank balance of 2 million yen or more.

You are responsible for all costs associated with studying in Japan, including tuition and housing. Scholarships and other forms of financial aid are not available.

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