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School Highlights

  • Internationally certified in language learning services(ISO29991)
  • Diversified environment, students from more than 70 countries
  • Communication oriented lessons for higher education and job hunting
  • Professional assistance with admission and enrollment processes
@Gaijinpot: "Nestled near Meiji Shrine in Shinjuku, TCJ's highly qualified and certified teachers are ready to teach you Japanese."


Located in a quiet area of busy Shinjuku, Tokyo Central Japanese Language School (TCJ) has helped students from over 70 countries learn Japanese and achieve their dreams of higher education or employment. TCJ is known for its highly qualified staff, teaching certifications, and a world-class Japanese curriculum. By studying at TCJ, you will not only become an expert in Japanese, but a communication expert in general!

Top-Class Teaching Quality

TCJ is one of the top institutions in Japan for training Japanese language teachers, with 300 graduates annually. TCJ has the professional know-how to train its own teachers, and only carefully selected Japanese language teachers are employed to teach classes. In addition to courses for international students, TCJ also operates Japan’s largest Japanese language course for working adults, with students from more than 65 countries, making it the Japanese language institution of choice for business people who are serious about the cost-effectiveness of learning.

ISO 29991 Certification

We have acquired ISO 29991:2020 certification, the international standard for language learning services. This standard aims to improve the transparency and reliability of language learning services, protect consumers, and enhance the quality of language learning. The certification recognizes that the language learning services provided by Tokyo Central Japanese Language School (TCJ) meet the requirements of the international standard.

Educational Content to Comprehensively Develop Japanese Language Proficiency

In addition to the results of written examinations such as the EJU and JLPT, international students are required to submit a statement of purpose, a thesis, a research plan, and an interview for both higher education and employment. Therefore, international students are required to have a high level of communication skills, and TCJ provides a class curriculum that emphasizes output training to support them.


Student Visa Program

Large sized and diversified study abroad course with capacity of more than 1000 students and from 35 countries of nationalities. Students can choose from a variety of courses according to their objectives, such as graduate school, university, vocational school and Job hunting. TCJ offers a wide range of classes from beginner to advanced level. With high quality Japanese education by our professional Japanese language teachers, we have a high track record of higher education and employment.

●Graduate School Course
●University Course
●Vocational/Technical School Course
●Job Hunting Course

Enrollment Period: April, July, October, January
Class Schedule: Monday-Friday
Class Time: 9:00-12:20 or 13:20-16:40
*Students will study in one of the time slots depending on their grade level and class level.

First Year: ¥890,000
Full 2 years: ¥1,714,000

※ When inquiring, please specify whether you are interested in the “Student Visa Program” or “Japanese Lessons For Residents in Japan / Online Lesson.” ※

Japanese Lessons For Residents in Japan / Online Lesson

The biggest Japanese language course in Japan with students from over 65 countries. Practical Japanese training for those already living in Japan, ( i.e., working visa, spouse visa, family stay visa, working holiday visa, etc.) and for corporate clients.

You can have several choices of time and courses, and curriculums are designed to match a variety of needs. You can choose between face to face lessons at school or online at your convenience. You could take lessons from a distance and overseas. TCJ’s high-quality live lessons are available online from anywhere in the world.

●Standard Class (Day time)
●Light Standard Class (Day time)
●Business Class (Evening)※
※JLPT/Kanji class is available as an optional class.
●VIP Private Lesson (Flexible time)
●Private Speed Learning Program (Flexible time)

Enrollment Period: Anytime
Class Schedule/Time: Weekdays Daytime&Evening, Weekends (private lesson only)
*Depending on your choice.

Fees: Starting from 21,467/month
*Split payment is available.

※ When inquiring, please specify whether you are interested in the “Student Visa Program” or “Japanese Lessons For Residents in Japan / Online Lesson.” ※

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