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Nihongo Online School provides professional Japanese lessons perfect for anyone who wants to study at their own pace.

School Highlights

  • Experienced teachers trained to teach with digital tools

  • Study at your own pace at home

  • Study relevant content for your needs

"@Gaijinpot: The staff has been superb every step of the way and my tutor is fantastic, she sets the perfect lessons for my ability — Matt, UK; I'm very happy with my teacher, she makes me practice more and I like the conveniency of studying from home — Salome, Switzerland"




Nihongo Online School is a premiere online-based Japanese language school offering professional Japanese lessons to busy foreigners. Get the support you need to improve your communication skills in Japanese and unlock your career potential in Japan!

Get confident speaking Japanese

Whether you’re looking to build a solid foundation in Japanese, prepare for the JLPT, or just get confident in your speaking skills, Nihongo Online School’s team can help you get there.

The school hires only the very best certified and experienced native teachers, who are committed to helping students reach their goals. Their original course curriculum will make it easy for you to learn how to speak Japanese fluently, whether you’re a beginner or advanced learner. Their program covers all levels from the JLPT N5 to the most advanced JLPT N1.

Thanks to your teacher’s guidance and positive encouragement, you’ll make significant progress lesson after lesson.

Sign-up, start practicing right away

Register online, pay for your lessons on PayPal, pick a teacher and schedule your first lesson. With Nihongo Online School, you’re a mere 4 steps away from starting your studies!

Thanks to their friendly online student platform, it has never been easier to take lessons and keep track of your progress.

After the initial lesson during which your teacher will assess your level, you’ll be given a lesson plan that fits your needs. From your student account, you have access to teachers’ profile and schedule, as well as lesson plans and original course materials by level. You can review, download and print as needed the school’s original digital materials.

GaijinPot Recommends: The 40 lesson course for beginners

The 40 lesson course for beginners is perfect for you to gain the confidence you need to hold basic conversations for daily life. You’ll learn greetings, how to speak about yourself and as your level improves, you’ll be able to communicate better with native speakers. This lesson plan matches well the needs of people who need help practicing their speaking skills and foreigners who are about to move to Japan.


Online Lesson

Study anytime, anywhere and more importantly, at your own pace for as long as needed. Create your student account and start learning! 

Level assessment: before the course’s start
Course style: one on one lessons
Schedule: customized to your needs
Program: school’s original curriculum
Homework: not required!


10 Lesson Package


20 Lesson Package:


30 Lesson Package:


*No registration fee required! Easy sign-up process!
*Lesson duration: 50 minutes



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