Nagoya International Academy

If you want to study in Nagoya, NIA is the place to do it!

School Highlights

  • Small school

  • Great rapport between students and teachers

  • Excellent student support

  • Cheap tuition

  • In the modern, business hub of Nagoya

"@Gaijinpot: Skill development is built around real-life scenarios so you’ll be using everything you learn."




Nagoya International Academy is a new school right in the booming city of Nagoya!  Despite being one of Japan’s major cities, Nagoya doesn’t really have the whole “big-city” feel, and NIA also emulates this atmosphere.  It has a homely atmosphere, with a philosophy of learning through communication and compassion!  It’s a place where teachers and students really know each other, with a friendly atmosphere where the teachers really understand the motivations of the students and will do all they can to help them realize their goals.

Not content to just have students memorize through textbooks, NIA develops their lessons on what the students need for their daily life in Japan.  The core of their lessons and materials have been developed by the teachers, and there are out of classroom experiences that give the students the opportunity to use what they’ve learned.  Everything is considered based on real-life scenarios, and you’ll learn both the language skills and personal skills needed to be a Japanese professional!


General Japanese Course

This course is designed for students who want to improve their Japanese, with courses covering everything from beginner levels to the advanced stages. At the higher levels of the course, it’s also possible to choose a specialization that matches with your goals.  Whether you plan to go to university, work, or just improve your communication ability for daily life, there’s a specialization available!

Enrollment Dates: April, October
Class Schedule: 2 x 90 minute lessons per day, with a 15 minute break in-between.
Class Duration: 9:00 ~ 12:15 or 13:30 ~ 16:45


1 Year Tuition:



6 Month Tuition:


3 Month Course:

210,000 yen for only lessons
330,000 yen for lessons, accommodation and pick up service.

Private Lessons

Study at your own schedule!  With private lessons, students can decide when they want to study and can also decide on the aspects of Japanese that they want to improve.  Of course, they can also study a set curriculum so that they can improve their skills at a similar pace as a full-time student.

Enrollment Dates: Anytime
Class Schedule: Whenever you want
Class Duration: Whenever you want


1 Hour: ¥5,000



Nagoya International Academy, Aichi

Kamiyashiro 5-206 , Meito-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken 465-0025


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