MEISEI Institute of Cybernetics Japanese Language Department

Get fluent in Japanese, and experience the unexpected magic of Japanese suburban life to the fullest.

School Highlights

  • Chiba offers relatively cheap accommodation

  • Offers an integrated business diploma

  • Provides part-time job guidance

  • Support with pursuing higher education

"@Gaijinpot: Enthusiastic, kind, friendly - MIC's former students are unanimous : the teachers are dedicated to help students reach Japanese fluency."




MEISEI Institute of Cybernetics Japanese Language Department (also known as MIC) provides the perfect environment for international students in Japan. Situated in Matsudo, Chiba’s third-largest city and a major suburb of Tokyo, MIC teaches students Japanese at a level that will allow them to successfully pursue higher education or a career in Japan.

With lots of universities and vocational schools around, MIC’s neighborhood is affordable and very convenient while being just a dictionary’s throw away from Tokyo, thanks to the closest JR station, Shin-Matsudo.

Along with top-notch Japanese classes, MIC’s Japanese Department offers EJU and JLPT preparation along with individual career guidance.

Advanced students looking to move on to graduate school, university, and eventually into the Japanese workforce will be well equipped for the transition after studying at MIC! Those eager to pursue a career in Japan can continue their studies with the two-year integrated Business Management, IT Management, or Hotel Management course.


The Full-Time Japanese Course is perfect for students who really want to focus on Japanese study and build a rock-solid understanding of the fundamentals of Japanese. Whether you’re looking to pursue your education or start a career in Japan, the Japanese Department of MEISEI Institute of Cybernetics will help you get there.


Full-Time Course with Student Visa

The Japanese Language Department of MEISEI Institute of Cybernetics cultivates a rich and friendly international environment for you to focus on your Japanese studies and develop high-level Japanese language skills. Their curriculum is perfect for you to learn all of the necessary language skills from daily survival to business-level Japanese.

Enrollment Period: April, October
Class Schedule: Monday- Friday
Class Duration:  9:00- 12:30/13:30 – 17:00


1-Year Tuition:


Short-Term Course

This course is great for anyone who wants to brush up their Japanese abilities or those who would like to get a taste of what long-term study abroad is like.


1-Month Tuition:


2-Month Tuition:


3-Month Tuition:


*If you need an invitation letter for the visa = Plus ¥20,000.
Short-Term Course available for overseas applicants only.
Textbook fee included.



MEISEI Institute of Cybernetics Japanese Language Department, Chiba

3-440 Shim-Matsudo, Matsudo-shi, Chiba, 270-0034


Nearest station:

Shin-Matsudo Jōban Line and Musashino Line


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