Kyoshin Language Academy (Kyoto)

Want to obtain a high-level of Japanese communication ability right in the cultural and historical heart of Japan? Kyoshin Language Academy is a branch of our renowned Japanese language school located in the world-famous city of Kyoto.

School Highlights

  • Focus is on Japanese for daily life

  • Lots of communication and group work in class

  • Beautifully-designed school building close to the traditional district of Gion

"@Gaijinpot: Learn the language while immersing yourself in Kyoto’s rich tradition and history."




Kyoshin Language Academy can help you reach your Japanese goals!  We focus on Japanese for real use, and not just for passing exams!

Students from around the world can take the chance to live and learn in this international city where traditional Japanese culture is waiting to be discovered. We provide a high quality, efficient and rewarding curriculum combined with cultural immersion in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Short Term Course

At Kyoshin Language Academy, we avoid rote memorization and instead offer a curriculum centered on listening and speaking in Japanese.

Enrolment Dates:
Spring Term: April – June
Summer Term: July – September
Fall Term: October – December
Winter Term: January – March

Class Schedule: Monday ~ Friday
Class Duration: 09:15 ~ 12:15 or 13:15 ~ 16:30


3-Months Tuition:


*If you need invitation letter for visa, ¥16,200

Activity fee will be charged on actual expenses of the activity.
Actual expenses for textbooks will be charged when you start to study.

Long Term Course

Whether you are interested in continuing education, employment, improving communication skills, or otherwise, we will give you our full support.

Enrolment dates:
Spring Term : April 1~2 years
Summer Term: July 1 year 9 months
Fall Term : October 1 year 6 months
Winter Term: 1 year 3 months

Class Schedule: Monday ~ Friday
Class Duration: 09:15~12:15 or 13:15~16:30


1-Year Tuition:

6-Month Tuition:

*The textbooks fee is included in tuition.



Kyoshin Language Academy (Kyoto), Kyoto

600-8439 272 Bantoya-cho Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

Phone Number: +81-75-352-0695 / Skype: +81-75-352-0695

There are two ways to get there:

1: Go out from JR Kyoto Central exit. Walk straight north for 11 minutes, turn left at the Gojo-Karasuma crossing, turn right at the 2nd corner (Muromachi Street) and keep walking for 20 meters.

2: Go out left from the No.2 exit of Subway Gojo station (Karasuma-Line). Turn right at the 2nd corner (Muromachi Street) and keep walking for 20 meters.


Contact Us!

Inquire through GaijinPot and the school will respond to you shortly.