Kumon Correspondence Course

Kumon’s Japanese Correspondence Course is perfect for anyone who wants to study at their own pace.




The learning materials are lines up in incremental steps from beginner to intermediate levels. You gain Japanese skills through worksheet study and online reading lessons.

After completing worksheets, you send them to your instructor by post and have them graded. You then receive the graded worksheets, and correct your mistakes so that you can ensure you fully master each study topic

Through such self-learning, by reading, thinking and solving questions on your own, you can master Japanese.


Correspondence Course

This course is for those who are busy with housework, work and raising children. We recommend this course if you wish to study at home or there are no Kumon Centers near to where you live.

Through the worksheet study, you are able to acquire reading and writing abilities. In addition, by listening to the CDs or the online audio clips, you can improve your listening ability and learn correct pronunciation.

*Please note that the correspondence courses are only available to those living in Japan.*


Monthly Tuition

High School Student and older
16 years old and above

Junior high School Student
13 – 15 years old

Elementary School Students
12 years old and younger



Kumon Correspondence Course, Online

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