ISI Nagano

ISI Nagano is a language college in Ueda City in the Japan Alps, the picturesque setting for the anime blockbuster Summer Wars. Combine study with skiing, hiking, onsen and amazing local food for a unique study experience.

School Highlights

  • Offers an integrated business diploma

  • College and University preparation courses, as well as conversation and business

  • Easy to make friends with Japanese students studying on the same campus

  • In a town surrounded by mountains

"@Gaijinpot: Study with the Japan Alps on your doorstep where there’s hiking, skiing, onsen and more."




ISI Nagano (also known as Nagano Business and Language College) is located in Ueda city, right in the heart of the beautiful natural surroundings of the Japanese Alps. Just a dictionary’s throw away you’ll find emerald forested mountains, excellent ski resorts, great local produce, historical sites and scenic onsen. If you want to get away from the hustle of the big cities and enjoy a more authentic Japanese living experience, then you can’t go wrong with ISI Nagano. Still, the city center is also full of shopping centers, restaurants and convenience stores so you can live comfortably in the countryside.

Experience the life of an authentic Japanese campus!

The school is also unique in that it shares its campus with the business and language college, allowing you to study alongside college students. It’s also very easy for students to continue their studies at the college after finishing their Japanese course, and they can set you up on a path which will allow you to graduate, work, and live long-term in Japan.


The school offers a large variety of elective classes which focus on things such as planning for graduate school, university and employment in Japan. It offers the perfect learning environment, whether you are looking to build solid foundation in Japanese, to pursue your education, or start a career in Japan.





Standard Japanese Course

In this course, students develop their skills in the 4 core aspects of the language: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Especially for beginner students, the objective will be to give you a foundation of Japanese so that you can function in society and discover your potential.

Upon reaching the higher intermediate levels, students can decide to specialize their Japanese to match their goals for learning the languages.


  • Business Japanese: Best for those who want to work in Japan. Not only will you learn expressions and language appropriate for business, you will also learn the skills that Japanese companies are looking for, such as giving presentations and interviewing techniques. There are also opportunities to meet with Japanese companies and also foreign students who work with the companies.  This course also includes one-to-one career counseling, and the school staff will guide you through every step to maximize your chances to get offers from jobs that you may be interested in!
  • JLPT Preparation: As one would expect, this focuses on the skills needed to pass either the JLPT N2 or N1 test.
  • Conversation: Best for those who want a more casual study experience, this class is more about group discussion and pair-work for a variety of topics. There are opportunities to interact with Japanese college students, and there are activities on a regular basis.
  • University Preparation: Focuses heavily on preparing for entrance to Japanese universities, learning more academic language and skills needed to pass entrance exams.
  • College Preparation: For those who want to go to trade schools, this course allows students to experience a wide variety of schools and options. The school will also set a plan so that you can apply and get accepted to the schools that you are interested in.

In addition, students of Nagano Business and Language College (a 2-year college) study at the same campus, and it is possible for students to study at the school for up to 4 years (2 years of language study and 2 years at the college). If you’re looking to study business, entry to the language school offers a great opportunity for further studies.

Enrollment Period: April, October
Class Schedule: 4 x 45 minute per day
Class Duration: 8:50 ~ 12:00 or 13:00 ~ 16:10


1-Year Tuition:


9-Month Tuition:


6-Month Tuition:


Short-Term Course

The curriculum is equivalent to the full time course and ideally suited for foreign university students or anyone working Japan looking to improve their skills.

Enrollment Period: April, October*
Class Schedule: 4 x 45 minute per day
Class Duration: 8:50 ~ 12:00 or 13:00 ~ 16:10

*If you have studied Japanese, you can enroll at any time after a level check.


1-Month Tuition:


2-Month Tuition:


3-Month Tuition:





ISI Nagano, Nagano

3-5-18 Chuo, Ueda-city, Nagano


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