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School Highlights

  • Funabashi is much more economic than Tokyo
  • Elective courses available
  • Partnered with vocational schools to offer additional options after graduation
  • Learn how to do business in Japanese
@Gaijinpot: "Funabashi Japanese Language Academy is here to help you reach both your Japanese language and career goals!"

Want to learn Japanese, sightsee and save money all at the same time? Funabashi Japanese Language Academy might be for you.


At Funabashi Japanese Language Academy, you can learn everything about Japanese from basic conversation to business manners. Located in Funabashi, the 2nd most populous city in Chiba Prefecture and the 7th in the Greater Tokyo Area, Funabashi Japanese Language Academy gives you the opportunity to visit Tokyo anytime, while itself being located in a more economic and relaxed area. Want to learn Japanese, sightsee and save money all at the same time? Funabashi Japanese Language Academy might be for you.

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Classes are offered from the beginner to advanced levels, so there’s a place at Funabashi Japanese Language Academy for all kinds of students. You will have the opportunity to meet students from all over the world from countries such as South Korea, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, the United States and more. Of course, the staff are warm and friendly. They will be there to help you begin your journey learning Japanese in Japan!

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Full-time Japanese Course

With Funabashi Japanese Language Academy’s full time course, there is a lot you can expect to achieve if you move up to the advance level. For example, imagine being able to write reports and present research, all in Japanese. If you’re considering a job that uses Japanese, you will of course learn all the Japanese business manners and phrases that you need to thrive.

Even if you return to your home country, there are a variety of jobs this course can prepare you for. One would be becoming a Japanese language teacher to beginner students yourself! There are even elective classes to help match your goals. Funabashi Japanese Language Academy also has partner schools specializing in IT, business, hotels, caregiving and aviation that you can attend after completing your language course.


Full-Time Course with Student Visa

Study Japanese full time at Funabashi Japanese Language Academy and you’ll be equipped with the language skills you need to thrive in any environment from vocational school to business. With classes from the beginner to advanced levels, there is definitely a class for you. Elective courses are available to help those with specific goals.

Enrollment Period: April, July, October
Class Schedule: Monday-Friday
Class Duration: 9:00-12:30 or 13:30-17:00 (depending on Japanese level)


1-Year Tuition: ¥779,000
*The price includes tuition and teaching materials.

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