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School Highlights

  • Affordable housing and cost of living, with a high quality of life
  • Excellent classes with a focus on written Japanese
  • In a city surrounded by nature—great for outdoor activities such as hiking, rafting, and canyoning
  • Provides computer education on top of Japanese classes
@Gaijinpot: "Swap urban life for the beautiful countryside of Gumma. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, become fluent in Japanese in a friendly, supportive environment."

Improve your Japanese on weekdays, enjoy the great outdoors on weekends.


Fuji Language School is the perfect school to become fluent in Japanese while experiencing the charm of Japan’s daily life to the fullest. Situated in Maebashi, former castle town and capital of Gunma Prefecture, Fuji provides international students with a peaceful, healthy atmosphere to study in. Despite being in an unassuming part of Japan, their reputation is anything but small town! In fact, the school has welcomed the South Sudan Olympic team for the 2021 Games, teaching them Japanese while they prepared for their events. 

Built on years of experience, the curriculum emphasizes written abilities, with a focus on kanji learning. Regular conversation practice also helps students build confidence in spoken Japanese. 

Fuji Language School offers affordable, comfy and well-equipped dormitories located inside the school building. They’re around the size of standard apartments instead of the cramped dormitories you may find in the larger cities. The conditions are ideal for students to complete their daily assignments and unwind after classes.

GaijinPot Recommends:
Long-term Japanese Course

This is a course designed for students who want to focus on full-time Japanese study. The beginner classes focus on teaching the Japanese you need for daily life, while the advanced classes focus more on JLPT preparation. Fuji Language School prepares students with the Japanese skills necessary to further their education or work in Japan.


Long-Term Study Course with Student Visa

Start from the beginner level and work your way up to advanced in all aspects of the language: speaking, listening, reading and writing. You’ll learn everything you need to live in Gunma, and progress to the point where you can enter the top universities or work anywhere in the country!

Enrollment Period: April, July, October, January
Class Schedule: Monday-Friday
Class Duration: 8:45-12:25 or 13:15-16:55


6-Month Tuition: ¥409,300
1-Year Tuition: ¥730,600
2-Year Tuition: ¥1,373,200
*Dormitory fee not included.

Short-Term Course

The short-term course is available to anyone looking for a study program in Japan for three months or less. The classes are the same as the full-time classes and are great for students who can’t commit to a longer stay. Class length begins from just one-week courses. The school can provide a letter of invitation for those who need to apply for a tourist visa. 

Enrollment Period: Anytime*
Class Schedule: Monday-Friday
Class Duration:  8:45-12:25 or 13:15-16:55
*Depending on class availability.


1-Month Tuition: ¥98,000
2-Month Tuition: ¥176,000
3-Month Tuition: ¥254,000
*Dormitory fee included.



Although GaijinPot Study Service is FREE either you or a family member must be able to show annual income AND bank balance of 2 million yen or more.

You are responsible for all costs associated with studying in Japan, including tuition and housing. Scholarships and other forms of financial aid are not available.

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