ARC Japanese Language School

A Japanese language school with locations in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto.




ARC Japanese Language School was established in 1986 and since that time we have had students from over 50 countries study with us.

Since there are students of different mother tongues, the language used for communication will naturally be Japanese. This increases your opportunity to use Japanese and helps you improve your language abilities.

No matter which level you are at, we aim for you to be able to communicate in Japanese as best you can at your level. You can learn “functional Japanese” that can really be used in real life and at work.   We also have a variety of courses available for our students, whether your goal is to work in Japan, continue your education, or just take a study tour!



This is a course is for students who want to pursue a higher level of study in a Japanese graduate school, university or vocational schools. This is a necessary first step for those who want to get a job in Japan.

Students can also apply for a student visa through ARC.

Enrolment Period: January, April, July, October

Lesson Schedule:  Monday- Friday

Morning Class (Intermediate – Advanced)
9:15 – 12:30

Afternoon Class (Beginners – Elementary)
13:30 – 16:45


6 Months Tuition:

1 Year Tuition:


The course runs every weekday for students who want to acquire practical and useful daily Japanese. It is suitable for people who live in Japan, who need Japanese for work or who wish to study Japanese during a holiday.

Lesson Schedule: Monday – Friday

Morning Class (Intermediate – Advanced)
9:15 – 12:30

Afternoon Class (Beginners – Elementary)
13:30 – 16:45


3 Months Tuition:


Our Business Japanese Class is for students who want to master the intricacies of working in a Japanese company and they can take this course once they reach an intermediate Japanese level. From cultivating human relationships to a deep understanding towards Japanese society and Japanese companies, the business course has one of the best success rates in the industry!  We’ll show you the way to acquire the Japanese ability and business manners needed to work in Japan!

This class will also provide information on employment opportunities and help you prepare for the company entrance exam, interviews, and anything else you may need help with.  We’ll individually support your job hunting in Japan and make sure that you enter the workforce with all of the skills required.

Enrollment Period: January, April, July, October

Lesson Hours:  Mon-Fri  9:15 – 12:30


6 Months Tuition with student visa:

6 Months Tuition without a student visa:




ARC Japanese Language School, Tokyo

2-23-10 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0004

Phone Number: 03-5804-5811

From Iidabashi Station –  JR East Exit / Tokyo Metro Tozai Line A3 Exit

Once you get out of the gate, go up to the pedestrian bridge and proceed towards the right side. Turn left after you pass under the highway, and walk along with the highway.

Cross Tokyo Metropolitan Road Route 434 and continue to walk further for about three more minutes. You will see Ministop (Convenience store) on your right hand side, turn right and you will find Arc Academy.

Iidabashi Station – Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line and Yurakucho Line B1 Exit

After you exit from B1 Exit of Tokyo Metro’s Iidabashi Station, turn left and walk towards THE SUIT COMPANY. Then, pass under the pedestrian bridge, turn left at the corner of Family Mart, and walk on Mejiro Street along the high way.

Pass the Lawson on your left hand side and turn right at the traffic light of Omagari (大曲). You will find Arc Academy shortly after passing Ministop on your right.


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