Akamonkai Language School

For serious students keen to improve fast, Akamonkai’s intensive curriculum is unbeatable.

School Highlights

  • Great support for continuing to higher education

  • Learning is fast-paced and intensive

  • Strict teachers demand a lot from students

  • 24/7 library and study room

  • EJU (University Entrance Exam) prep classes offered

"@Gaijinpot: Akamonkai is ideal if you want an intensive course to build solid foundations in Japanese. Teachers speak only Japanese, we're given a lot of homework, and we have frequent tests to measure progress. After just 9 months, I improved so much!—Sandrine, France"




Since 1985, Akamonkai Japanese Language School has been offering quality learning experiences to over 15,000 students from more than 45 countries. What makes Akamonkai really stand out from other language schools is its intensive curriculum that pushes students to achieve big improvements within short amounts of time.

Located in Nippori, a charming shitamachi (traditional downtown) area of Tokyo, the school offers classes at 13 levels to suit a variety of levels and abilities. Trained and experienced teachers are dedicated to serving the needs of the students both academically and in their day-to-day lives.

To support students in reaching their goals, Akamonkai provides a 24/7 study room, dormitories, and comprehensive job-hunting support.


Akamonkai is one of the most intensive language schools in Tokyo, allowing students to quickly and effectively raise their Japanese level to reach their goals.  The fast pace comes with a lot of homework and the need to study outside of class, but students who can keep up will be greatly rewarded.

If you’re looking for a school that will really help you step up your Japanese, Akamonkai is the pick for you.


General Course

The General Course is designed for students who plan to study in Japan long-term on a student visa. With 13 levels to choose from, you can find the right class for you.

Enrollment Period: April, July, October, January
Class Schedule: 4 x 45-minute lessons per day (Mon – Fri)
Class Duration: 9:00 ~ 12:30 or 13:00 ~ 16:30


6-Month Tuition:
1-Year Tuition:
2-Year Tuition:

University Preparatory Curriculum

In our University Preparatory Curriculum, students study the Japanese language long-term on a student visa. This course is approved by the government’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology and allows students with fewer than 12 years of education in their home countries to earn the qualifications to attend Japanese universities.

Enrollment Period: April & October
Class Schedule: 4 x 45-minute lessons per day (Mon – Fri)
Class Duration: 9:00 ~ 12:30 or 13:00 ~ 16:30


6-Month Tuition:
1-Year Tuition:

Business Employment Course

In this popular course, students will develop high-level Japanese language skills, study business etiquette, and learn how to operate Microsoft Office software. Through Akamonkai’s group company, the school assists students every step along the way in finding employment at a Japanese company.

Enrollment Period: April, October
Class Schedule: 4 x 45-minute lessons per day (Mon – Fri)
Class Duration: 8:50 ~ 12:30


6-Month Tuition:
1-Year Tuition:

Short-Term Course

If students can get a visa on their own, or if they come from a country that does not need a visa for a stay of 3 months or less, the short-term course is perfect. Classes are offered at 13 levels to suit each student’s level and abilities. After they finish this short-term course, students can change to a student visa and continue their studies with the support of GaijinPot Study.

Enrollment Period: April, July, October, January
Class Schedule: 4 x 45-minute lessons per day (Mon – Fri)
Class Duration: 9:00 ~ 12:30 or 13:00 ~ 16:30


3-Month Tuition:

Internship and Job Support Class

To meet the rising demand for foreign workers coming to Japan, Akamonkai has created this course as an alternative to the Business Employment course. In this course, students work as an intern to obtain business skills in the afternoon, on weekends, and holidays.

Japanese classes are more geared towards useful skills for service jobs, and students will work in service industries such as airports, hotels, department stores, and tourist information centers with the chance to use their Japanese in a real environment.

Akamonkai can also use their connections in these industries to help students transition to full-time employment once the course is completed.

Enrollment Period: April*, October*
Class Schedule: 4 x 45-minute lessons per day (Mon – Fri)
Class Duration: 8:50 ~ 12:30, internships are held after school and/or on weekends.

*Be aware that an interview will be required before being accepted into this course to confirm that the student’s Japanese level is sufficient.


6-Month Tuition:



Akamonkai Language School, Tokyo

6-39-12 Higashi-Nippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo 116-0014

From Nippori Station

From the east exit of Nippori Station, find the McDonald’s and keep going straight along the left sidewalk.

Turn right just after crossing at the first big intersection.

Walk and turn left at the corner of a sushi restaurant.

Turn right after you pass FamilyMart and walk 100 meters. You’ll find a white building. That’s Akamonkai!

From Mikawashima Station

Turn right and walk 160 meters then turn right at the crossing of Higashi Nippori 3-Chome. Go straight 260 meters and go into the white building.


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