Online Lessons

Online Lessons
July 18, 2016  |  By GaijinPot Blog

Welcome to “Introduction to Japanese”, GaijinPot’s study series aimed at improving your Japanese language skills from the very beginning all the way to more advanced levels. Every article will introduce and explain one language topic, starting with the three language scripts – Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji – up to grammar and eventually text comprehension.

The articles will hopefully be useful and offer something to every reader, always being clear enough to guide beginners through all of the intricacies of Japanese. At the same time the articles contain hints and tips for more intermediate and advanced Japanese learners.

If you have tried to study Japanese before, you probably know that there are a lot of materials around the web offering Japanese language advice; some of them are actually helpful, many of them not so much. GaijinPot is launching this series because we believe that we have something different to add to this cacophony of information: comprehensive, correct and easy-to-understand lessons.

Once you complete the series, you will hopefully be able to understand Japanese as it is used in everyday situations to a certain degree, as well as to read and understand basic Japanese concerning everyday topics. In terms of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, this series should leave you somewhere near level three.

Volume 1 – Chapter List

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