Yamanote Line

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Yamanote Line
Tamachi Station
By GaijinPot Blog July 21, 2013

Tamachi Station田町駅・たまちえき (田町: 田 – rice field 町 – town) might mean rice field town but you’re not going to find any of those in the middle of Tokyo. This is a small station with just 4 platforms and 2 entrances.

It is the closest JR station to the Keio University’s慶応大学・けいおうだいがく Mita Campus, The Tokyo Institute of Technology東京工業大学・とうきょうこうぎょうだいがく Tamachi Campus, and the テンプル大学日本キャンパスTemple University of Japan’s Azabu Campus.

The 東京都立Tokyo Mito Ward Library, a 591 foot tall sky scraper is just to the north east. There are many shops, and cafés on both sides of 田町駅たまちえき・Tamachi Station, and the apartments on reclaimed land on the waterfront just to the south make for some interesting viewing.

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