Yamanote Line

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Yamanote Line
Shinagawa Station
July 30, 2013  |  By GaijinPot Blog

Shinagawa Station品川駅・しながわえき (品川: 品 – goods 川 – river) is one of, if not the oldest えき・train station in Japan. It first opened in June of 1872 and was the terminus of Japan’s first railway connecting Tokyo and 横浜よこはま・Yokohama.

In terms of business it is second only to 東京とうきょう・Tokyo in the number trains one can catch there. 品川駅しながわえき・Shinagawa Station has 19 platforms, 4 of which serve the Shinkansen新幹線・しんかんせん, and as the name would suggest, has many goodies in and around the station that you can enjoy.

There are two entrances/exits to Shinagawa, the Takanawa Entrance高輪口・たかなわぐち on the West, and the Konan Entrance港南口・こうなんぐち on the East. Immediately outside the Takanawa Entrance is the Shinagawa Prince Hotel complex which features many attractions such as a bowling alley, movie theater, and the Epson Aqua Stadium Aquarium. You definitely won’t get bored here!

Hungry? There are a number of Western style restaurants around the Prince Hotel complex but for some authentic Japanese food you don’t have to go far from the station. Shinatatsu Ramen and its neighbor Shinatatsu Donburi are located under the train tracks just south of the Takanawa entrance and bring together a collection of well established らーめんramen and どんぶりdonburi chains giving you a wide selection of the best ramen noodles or oyakodon, katsudon or gyudon available.

Further away, a fifteen minute walk south of the Takanawa Entrance高輪口・たかなわぐち will take you to the Hara Museum原美術館・はらびじゅつかん, an original 1930s pre-War Japanese home, itself an excellent example of modern architecture. It features several displays and exhibitions of modern art近代美術・きんだいびじゅつ as well as a pleasant indoor/outdoor café.

For another fascinating piece of history, take the Toei Asakusa Subway Line都営浅草線・とえいあさくさせん from Shinagawa to the 泉岳寺せんがくじ・Sengakuji, the final resting place of the 47 Ronin浪人・ろうにん. The famous group of さむらい・samurai who banded together to avenge their slain Lord and master.

Need to renew or a apply for a visa? The Tokyo Immigration Office東京入国管理局・とうきょう にゅうこく かんり きょく is just about a kilometer to the east of the Konan Exit, about 10 minutes by bus.

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