Yamanote Line

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Yamanote Line
Shin-Okubo Station
By GaijinPot Blog August 2, 2013

You’ve probably heard of Chinatown but what about Korea Town? That is what you will find in the area around Shin-Okubo Station新大久保駅・しんおおくぼえき (新大久保: 新 – new 大 – big 久 – long time 保 – to keep) as it is the biggest enclave of ethnic Koreans in Japan. If you’re looking for kimchi, ishiyaki bibimba石焼ビビンバ・いしやきびびんば, or good old fashioned 焼き肉やきにく・Korean barbecue this is the place to look.

Take a walk down the Okubo Dori大久保通り・おおくぼどおり, the main road through the 近所きんじょ・neighborhood, to find dozens of restaurants that look and smell great! You can also find a number of shops selling Korean music and pop culture items. The Koreans in this area never let go of their language or way of life so a walk through the maze of side streets leading off of the main street is sure to provide you an adventure in Korean韓国・かんこく culture.

If you fancy taking a university course the grounds of Waseda University早稲田大学・わせだだいがく and the Gakushuin Women’s College学習院大学・がくしゅういんだいがく are also just to the north east of 新大久保駅しんおおくぼえき・Shin-Okubo Station.


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