Yamanote Line

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Yamanote Line
Shimbashi Station
July 21, 2013  |  By GaijinPot Blog

Shimbashi Station新橋駅・しんばしえき (新橋: 新 – New 橋 – Bridge) first opened in October of 1872, making it one of Japan’s oldest stations. It was also the terminus for Japan’s first railway the 東海道線東海道線・とうかいどうせん.

A steam engine from 1945 has been placed in the square outside of 新橋駅しんばしえき・Shimbashi Station to commemorate the historical significance of this station. There are 6 above ground platforms and 6 platforms below ground.. The TOEI Yurikakome Shimbashi Station都営ゆりかもめ新橋駅・とえいゆりかもめしんばしえき is just adjacent to Shimbashi Station and offers one access to お台場おだいば・Odaiba . Want to go see the full-size Mobile Suit Gundamガンダム・がんだむ Statue? The ゆりかもめ線ゆりかもめせん・Yurikakome Line will get you there.

さけぷらざ酒プラザ・Sake Plaza, a four story complex devoted to all things alcoholic is just a 10 minute walk from Shimbashi Station. ¥315 or ¥515 will get you a taste of the 3 to 5 sakes that are changed daily. There’s also a number of places to eat and drink, but for the most unique dining and drinking experience head to Kagaya加賀屋・かがや, an izakaya run by a performance artist featuring waiters in frog costumes and no menu.

The famous 築地市場つきじいちば・Tsukiji Fish Market is within moderate walking distance. Transfer to the Oedo Subway Line大江戸線・おおえどせん at a nearby station for a faster connection to the best 寿司すし・sushi in Tokyoとうきょう・東京.

The beautiful Hamarikyu Gardens浜離宮恩賜庭園・はまりきゅうおんしていえん are just a short walk to the south east of 新橋駅しんばしえき・Shimbashi Station and are a remodelled former Tokugawa Shogunate Villa located at the mouth of the Sumida River Station隅田川・すみだがわ. The Nakashima Tea House中島のお茶屋・なかじまのおちゃや on the island in the middle of the saltwater pond offers visitors an opportunity to enjoy an authentic tea ceremony, consisting of a cup of 抹茶まちゃ・matcha tea and a seasonal Japanese sweet, served by a kimono着物・きもの clad 芸者げいしゃ・geisha.

The many different varieties of はな花・flowers and plants throughout the gardens means that there’s something blooming in every season. Because the gardens are on reclaimed land right next to the sea the only way into them is… by はし・bridge!

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