Yamanote Line

Take a trip around Tokyo on the Yamanote Line and learn about the language and history of this vital train line.

Shibuya Station


With one of the most iconic street crossings in the world, Shibuya Station is a large shopping and entertainment area.

Harajuku Station


Harajuku is teenage fashion on steroids! Check out the latest trends to see what’s popular in Japan.

Yoyogi Station


Located adjacent to Yoyogi Station is Yoyogi Park is one of the largest parks in Tokyo .

Shinjuku Station


Known as a city within a city, Shinjuku Station is a massive complex that is used by over 3.5 million people a day. The surrounding area is home to everything from great food, shopping centers, government buildings and scenic parks.

Shin-Okubo Station


Shin-Okubo Station sits right in the middle of Koreatown and is a great way to experience authentic Korean culture in the heart of Tokyo.

Takadanobaba Station


Takadanobaba , often referred to simply as “Baba”, is a popular area for international students proximity to Waseda University and Gakushuin University.

Sugamo Station


Sugamo is a neighborhood in Tokyo’s northern Toshima Ward. The area is best known for Jizo-dori , a popular shopping street for the elderly and known as the Harajuku for grandparents.

Kanda Station


During the Edo period, Kanda had developed into an uptown area where nobles and rich businessmen lived.

Akihabara Station


Akihabara, which is also known as Akihabara Electric Town , is the neighborhood of Tokyo considered to be the largest single place in the world to buy electronics.

Okachimachi Station


Okachimachi is a busy commercial district of Taito and is home to the well-known Ameyoko shopping street which is within easy walking distance.