Yamanote Line

Photo: Gaijin Camera
Yamanote Line
Osaki Station
July 30, 2013  |  By GaijinPot Blog

Osaki Station大崎駅・おざきえき (大崎: 大 – big 崎 – cape) was first opened in 1901. The first Yamanote Line山手線・やまのてせん trains first passed through the station in 1902 making this year, 2013, the 111th anniversary of of 山手線やまのてせん・Yamanote Line service.

The Osaki area of 東京とうきょう・Tokyo has seen a massive amount of growth in recent years. The Osaki New City Complex大崎にゅーしてぃ・おおさきにゅーしてぃ, consisting of 3 office buildings a hotel and a shopping mall, is connected to Osaki Station by way of a pedestrian bridge. The walkway itself houses a patio and a small art gallery. Two tall buildings connected to the other side of Osaki Station by another bridge, ゲートシティー大崎げーとしてぃーおおさき・Gate City Osaki, contain several restaurants and shops on their lower levels. Art Village and the ThinkParkティンクパーク, two more new recent developments nearby Osaki Station, also house restaurants and shops. ThinkPark, the most recent development also has an outdoor park with grass and trees and sports club. The Shinagawa Ward Osaki Library品川区立大崎図書館・しながわくりつおおさきとしょかん is also a short walk to the west of Osaki Station as is the 立正大学りっしょうだ・Rissho University.

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