Yamanote Line

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Nishi-Nippori Station

A small station that is next to a large number of cemeteries. Watch out for ghosts and check out some Japanese tombstones.

Nishi-Nippori Station西日暮里駅・にしにっぽりえき (西日暮里: 西 – west 日 – sun 暮 – set 里 – “So beautiful that you forget the sun setting”) is a medium sized station serving the JR山手線JRやまのてせん・JR Yamanote, 京浜東北線けいひんとうほくせん・Keihin Tohoku line, the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda(東京メトロ千代田線、とうきょうめとろちよだせん) and 日暮里・舎人ライナーにっぽり・とねりらいなー・TOEI Nippori-Toneri Liner Subway lines.

The Station has eight platforms. There is a wooded area just outside of 西日暮里にしにっぽり・Nishi-Nippori station’s 西口にしぐち・west exit that goes on for two blocks, but after that it runs into the grounds of Seiunzenji, Jokoji and Hokoji, all of which appear to be 葬儀場そうぎば・funeral homes as their grounds contain lots of はか・graves. Seiunzenji, Jokoji and Hokoji are the northern end of a line of grave yards and お寺おてら・temples that runs from Nishi-Nippori Station all the way south to the 台東桜木郵便局たいとうさくらぎゆうびんきょく・Taito Sakuragi Post Office in Ueno上野・うえの . If you haven’t seen a Japanese graveyard this might be an interesting opportunity for you.

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