Yamanote Line

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Mejiro Station

Mejiro Station sits next to Gakushuin University which opened in 1847 and originally limited attendance only to members of the Imperial family.

Mejiro Station目白駅・めじろえき (目白駅 – whites of the eyes station) has just one プラットフォームplatform and one 出口でぐち・exit. The station building itself houses a パン屋さんぱんやさん・bakery and a café and several smaller shops, perfect for grabbing a bite and a コーヒーcoffee on your morning commute通勤・つうきん.

The 入り口いりぐち・entrance to Mejiro Station emerges onto the Mejiro Dori目白通り・めじろどうり, a fairly busy thoroughfare. Turning ひだり・left after exiting the station will take you to a busy 商店街しょうてんがい・shopping street with lots of stores, restaurants and cafés.

Turning みぎ・right will put you at the gates of the Gakushuin University学習院大学・がくしゅういんだいがく. When it was founded in 1847, Gakushuin was a school only for the 子供こども・children of nobility and the Imperial family皇室・こうしつ. It was held by the imperial family until 1947 when it became a 私立大学しりつだいがく・private college. Most members of the living imperial family have attended Gakushuin University.

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