Yamanote Line

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Yamanote Line
Gotanda Station
July 30, 2013  |  By GaijinPot Blog

Gotanda Station五反田駅・ごたんだえき (五反田 – five measures of a rice field) bisects the unique Gotanda neighborhood into East Gotanda東五反田・ひがし ごたんだ, a business area with several high rise office buildings, hotels, several small shrines 神社じんじゃ・shrines and Seisen Univeristy; and West Gotanda西五反田・にし ごたんだ, a residential area.

Gotanda is unique because most, if not all of the signs here are entirely in 日本語にほんご・Japanese. This is due mostly to Gotanda’s lack of any large 観光地かんこうち・tourist attractions. Don’t take that to mean that there’s nothing worth seeing though. Gotanda Station is served by the 東急百貨店とうきゅうひゃっかてん・Tokyu Department Store and the Tokyo Outlet Center.

The TOC Building, an 8-minute walk to the west of Gotanda Station on the さくらどおり桜通り・Sakura-Dori, is a wholesaler and distributor complex that offers such shopping events as mammoth flea markets and themed shopping sales. Looking for a bargain? A TOC event is a good place to start looking. Gotanda is also famous for 焼き肉やきにく・Korean BBQ, there are many restaurantsレストラン in and around the station.

Not far from the east side of Gotanda Station is the Tokyo Design Center東京デザインセンター, home to several 建築けんちく・architecture, design and building management offices, and the Design Books bookstore. Looking for a unique gift? Artsy-craftsy stationery, photo books and other interior items can be purchased at this store. Also on the west side of Gotanda Station is the 目黒川めぐろがわ・Meguro River. If you’re here in the spring time, the さくら・sakura lined paths of this river are an excellent place to view the blossoms without contending with heavy crowds.

On the east side of the Station there is the Shiki Theater劇団四季・げきだんしき. Walk 8-10 minutes east of Gotanda Station on the Sony-Dori for the opportunity to see recent Broadway musicals performed by a Japanese cast. There’s also a great collection of Northeast Asian artwork and other seasonal exhibitions on display at the Hatakeyama Collection museum.

No major tourism sites doesn’t mean, nothing to do, but it likely means less tourists so get off at 五反田駅ごたんだえき・Gotanda station and have a look around.

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