Yamanote Line

Take a trip around Tokyo on the Yamanote Line and learn about the language and history of this vital train line.

Tokyo Station

With over 4000 trains per day passing through it, Tokyo Station is the beating heart of Japan’s transportation network.

Yurakucho Station

With a wide variety of restaurants, parks, shopping and historic government offices close to Yurakucho Station. Things are as the station’s name suggests, there is fun to be had in this town.

Shimbashi Station

Shimbashi Station first opened in October of 1872, making it one of Japan’s oldest stations.

Hamamatsucho Station

Hamamatsu is a busy station as it is the most convenient station to Haneda Airport.

Tamachi Station

Tamachi Station might mean rice field town but you’re not going to find any of those in the middle of Tokyo.

Shinagawa Station

Shinagawa is one of the oldest stations in Japan and the first active station in the Tokyo area. Today, Shinagawa Station is a vital link in the nationwide network of railway lines.

Osaki Station

First opened in 1901, Osaki Station has been servicing the trains of the Yamanote Line for over 100 years.

Gotanda Station

No major tourism sites doesn’t mean nothing to do, so get off at Gotanda station and have a look around. You never know what you will discover.

Meguro Station

The Meguro River, the namesake of the station and the neighborhood, is just west of the station and is a great place to view the cherry blossoms in the spring time.

Ebisu Station

Ebisu is a neighborhood in Shibuya, conveniently near Roppongi and it home to many trendy boutiques, vintage stores and patisseries all within easy walking distance from Ebisu station.