Everyday Kanji

Kanji is used everywhere in Japan. Learn these common words to make navigating through the city a little easier.

At the Train Station

These essential kanji will help you make your way around the station and onto the right train.

Getting Around Town

Japan is a country full of instructions. The problem is most of it is in Japanese. Learn these key phrases to navigate the city like a native.

Shops and Restaurants

Learn these essential kanji to make sure you buy what you want and eat what you ordered.

Nature’s Call

Go forth and toilet with confidence knowing that you are the master of the toilet kanji.

Keep Warm and Learn Kanji

For those coming from cold countries, the lack of a central heating system in Japan might be surprising, but there is no need to worry as there are many Japanese tricks for keeping warm.

Top 10 Easy Kanji To Remember

Kanji has its roots back to the hieroglyphics in ancient China. As in any civilization, creating a writing system was a way to express what people saw and experienced in everyday life.