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Kanji Cheat Sheet: Understanding Your Japanese TV Remote Control

Everything is under control.

When I first moved to Japan, I read that watching Japanese TV shows would greatly accelerate my listening and reading skills even if I were to watch it for just 30 minutes every day. Determined, I picked up my sharehouse’s remote control in search of one of those variety show programs I always used to see memes of. As I tried to make out the characters on the remote itself, I found myself getting more and more frustrated.  It just wasn’t as intuitive as I thought.

The basics of Japanese remote controls

Kanji Cheat Sheet: Understanding Your Japanese TV Remote Control

Compared to the ones I used to use in the Philippines, Japan has at least 10 more buttons.

There are a lot of options that can help improve your reading speed in Japan like adding subtitles (まく) to whatever program you happen to be watching. There is also an option to switch the audio from Japanese to the original language it was recorded in (おんせいきりかえ).

English Japanese Romaji
Power (On/Off) 電源 dengen
Switching the TV input (HDMI/cable) 入力切換 nyuryoku kirikae
Subtitle 字幕 jimaku
Channel チャンネル channeru
Volume 音量 onryou
Mute 消音 shouon
Confirm 決定 kettei
Switch to English (or original language) 音声切換 onsei kirikae
Screen size adjustment ワイド切換 waido kirikae

Advanced buttons

Once you get more familiar with the basics, try tuning into weekly Japanese quiz shows and answering some of the questions by pressing the color that corresponds to the answer of your choice.

For those who can’t get enough of Japanese TV, be sure to check the schedule (ばんぐみひょう) for the latest lineup of programs.

English Japanese Romaji
Blue aoi
Red aka
Green midori
Yellow kiiro
TV schedule 番組表 bangumihyo
Homepage for the channel 連動データ rendou deta
Back 戻る modoru
Memo メモ memo
Menu メニュー menyuu

Go forth and Japanese TV and chill in confidence with your newfound knowledge.

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