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Kanji Cheat Sheet: For Getting Mail Redelivered in Japan

You’ve got mail.

The worst part of shopping online or anticipating a package is the wait time. You try to pick the fastest delivery option only to forget the delivery date soon after. As a result, you arrive home with a missed delivery notice placed neatly in your mailbox (ご不在連絡票). 

Thankfully, the Japanese postal system is more than efficient and with a few quick steps, you’ll be able to have your package redelivered in no time. 

Redelivery notice from Japan Post

English Japanese Romaji
Missed delivery notice ご不在連絡票 gofuzai renrakuhyou
Missed delivery notice 郵便物等お預かりのお知らせ yūbinbutsutō oazukari no oshirase
Redelivery 不在表 fuzaihyou

Online application for redelivery

The easiest way to have your package redelivered is to use the QR code attached to the notice. Afterward, it’s a matter of clicking on the request a redelivery button on your phone (再配達さいはいたつのお申もうし込こみ), filling in the next box with your postal code (郵便番号), tracking number (追跡番号) which usually has 11 to 13 digits or notice number (お知しらせ番号) which is anywhere between six to eight digits. When you’ve finished click on the next page button (次へ進む).

English Japanese Romaji
Request a redelivery 再配達さいはいたつのお申もうし込こみ saihaitatsu

no omoushikomi

Postal code 郵便番号 yuubinbangou
Tracking number 追跡番号 suisekibangou
Notice number お知しらせ番号 oshirasebangou
Proceed to the next page 次へ進む tsugiesusumu

Missed delivery date and package type

On the next page, you’ll be asked for the delivery date (ご不在連絡票のお届け日を選んでください) and the place and date of the attempted delivery.

Next, you may be asked to fill in what kind of package it was you were expecting. If you used 追跡番号 then click one of the options in the upper box. For お知らせ番号, choose from the options in the lower box. 

Kanji Cheat Sheet For Getting Mail Redelivered

This portion of the redelivery process is subdivided into domestic and international packages. For domestic packages choose from the options under the postal items (郵便物) category. In the case of overseas parcels, click on the ones underneath foreign postal items (国際郵便物).

English Japanese Romaji
Select delivery date (original) ご不在連絡票のお届け日を選んでください gofuzairenraku hyou no otodokebi o erandekudasai
Postal items 郵便物 yuubinbutsu
Foreign postal items 国際郵便物 kokusai yuubinbutsu
Small overseas package 国際小包・EMS kokusai kotzutsumi/EMS
Unknown 不明  fumei

Choosing the redelivery location

You know you’re nearing the end of your redelivery application when you are asked to choose from a selection of delivery locations. Figure out if you want the package redelivered to your home (ご自宅等), office (勤務先きんむさきに配達), or if you want to pick it up at the nearest post office (郵便局の窓口でお受け取とり).

English Japanese Romaji
One’s home ご自宅等 gojitakutou
Leave with one’s neighbor ご近所様きんじょさまに配達 gokinjousama ni haitatsu
Workplace delivery 勤務先きんむさきに配達 kinmusaki  ni haitatsu
Nearest post office pick up 郵便局の窓口でお受け取とり yuubinkyoku no madoguchi de ouketori
Collection in another post office 他窓口でお受け取とり ta no madoguchi de ouketori

Choosing the redelivery time

Finally, select a time you will actually be available to receive your precious mail.

You’ll be asked to fill in receiver details (受け取り人様情報の入力) such as your name, phone number, and email address. Remember to fill out the required information (必須), and press submit (登録する).

English Japanese Romaji
Time period not specified 時間指定なし jikanshiteinashi
Any time from 8:00a.m. to 12:00p.m. 午前中 gozenchuu
Receiver details 受け取り人様情報の入力 uketori ninsama jouhou no nyuuroku
Optional 任意 nini
Required 必須 hitsusu
Submit 登録する tourokusuru

Now all you have to do is sit pretty and don’t forget your redelivery date or you’ll have to go through this entire process all over again!

If you get too frustrated with it all, the redelivery notices do have an English phone number at the bottom. But you’re here to become a kanji master and absolute boss at Japanese, so just follow these steps and you’ll be fine.

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