Kanji Cheat Sheets

Kanji Cheat Sheet: Filing Taxes in Japan

Make filing taxes a little less of a headache.

Kanji Cheat Sheet: Going to the Movies in Japan

*Shoves popcorn in mouth excitedly*

Kanji Cheat Sheet: Buying Cleaning Products in Japan

Get things spick and span as quick as you can

Kanji Cheat Sheets: Buying Cold Medicine in Japan

Fight off that nasty bug with this guide to the most common Kanji found on Japanese OTC medicine.

Kanji Cheat Sheet: Finding Vegan and Halal Products at the Supermarket in Japan

Vegan food is notoriously hard to find in Japan. Luckily we’ve got you covered with this ultimate guide.

Kanji Cheat Sheet: How to Navigate the Japanese Train System

Keep calm and find the right station exit with this guide to catching the train in Japan!

Kanji Cheat Sheet: Using the Ramen Ticket Machine in Japan

Because the longer it takes you to order ramen, the longer it takes to eat it.