Japan National Holidays

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Japan National Holidays
The Emperor’s Birthday
February 22, 2021  |  By Aaron Baggett

The Emperor’s Birthday天皇誕生日・てんのうたんじょうび, is determined by the birthday of the reigning Emperor of Japan. The birthday of the present emperor, Naruhito, falls on the 23rd of 2月にがつ・February, and the holiday has been observed since 2019 when Emperor Naruhito acceded the 皇位こうい・Chrysanthemum Throne.

On the occasion, the gates of the 皇居こうきょ・Imperial Palace in Tokyo are opened to the public and the emperor, the empress and many other members of the Imperial family appear on the balcony of the palace to receive birthday congratulations and to greet the crowd.

The Emperor’s birthday is one of only two holidays during the year when the public may enter the inner grounds of the Imperial Palace (the other being お正月おしょうがつ・New Year’s Day). Ever wanted to see and hear a real emperor? This is one of your best chances to do so.

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