Japan National Holidays

With 15 public holidays throughout the year, this series will look at the customs and culture of Japanese National Holidays.

New Year’s Holiday

One of the most important holiday in Japan. News Years is a holiday that is steeped in cultural and historic significance.

Coming of Age Day

The Coming of Age festival is celebrated on the second Monday of January and marks the transition of young Japanese people into adulthood.

National Foundation Day

National Foundation Day is celebrated on February 11 to mark the foundation of Japan and the accession of Emperor Jimmu.

Vernal Equinox Day

Vernal Equinox Day is a Shintoist holiday observed to honor past Emperors of Japan.

Showa Day

Showa Day a day of remembrance of the late Emperor Hirohito, the Shōwa Emperor, who sat the Chrysanthemum throne from 1926 until 1989.

Constitution Memorial Day

Constitution Memorial Day is a national holiday that takes place on May third in celebration of the promulgation of the 1947 Constitution of Japan.

Greenery Day

Part of the Golden Week holiday, Greenery Day represents a day to show appreciation of nature.

Children’s Day

Children’s Day is a Japanese Festival held in May that honours the birth of children.

Ocean Day

Ocean Day is a Japanese national holiday celebrated to give thanks to the ocean’s bounty and to consider the importance of the ocean to Japan as an island nation.

Respect for the Aged Day

Respect for the Aged Day is a Japanese holiday celebrated annually to honor elderly citizens.