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GaijinPot Study has helped hundreds of students fulfill their dream of studying in Japan. Our student coordinators are available to help you choose the right school, get your student visa and start living in Japan.

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Please note: vocational schools only start in April and have a different timeline. Please inquire for more information

Step 1

Contact us

Get in touch with your team through our inquiry form and fill out the application form you receive with your personal details to check your eligibility for the student visa. 

If you have not decided on a particular school, we will discuss what you are looking for and find one which best matches with your objectives.

Step 2

Prepare your application

We will guide you through the application process, provide you with the exact list of documents you need to provide and help out with filling in your school’s paperwork. 

We’ll prevent miscommunication from happening and smooth the whole process by reviewing your documents first, ensuring that they meet the requirements.

Step 3

Submit your documents

Once your application is ready, we will submit your paperwork to the school for a first screening.   If there are any questions or mistakes regarding them, we will ask you for clarification!

Step 4

Pay the application fee

Once everything is 100% ready, the school will submit your visa application to the immigration office. At this point, most schools will ask for an application fee, which is deducted from your tuition. A school will NEVER submit a visa application that won’t succeed after receiving the application fees.

Step 5

Recieve your student visa

Once your visa application is submitted, there is nothing left for you to do but wait to hear back from us. If immigration has any questions then we may contact you. During this period there will be no updates on the application. 

We will contact you as soon as the results are in. You will receive documents from us and the school. At this point, the school will ask you to pay your tuition fees. You can now go to the nearest embassy and get your student visa in your passport!

Step 6

Come to Japan and start your studies


Ready to start?

[ Start studying in Oct 01, 2024 / Deadline to enroll: Jul 18, 2024 ]


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Our coordinators are here to help you choose the right school, simply the visa process, find housing and land a job in Japan.

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