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To apply for these programs you need a minimum of JLPT Level N2.

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Tokyo Visual Arts Overview

To apply for these programs you need a minimum of JLPT Level N2.

Turn your passion and talent for entertainment and art into a fulfilling career at Tokyo Visual Arts. This is the first stepping stone to working in the industry of your dreams in Japan!


Photography Department

Photography Department

Become an accomplished photographer and learn all about studio setting, lighting, editing, printing and more. You will have the opportunity to meet professionals through photo studio tours and take advantage of our professional-grade photography equipment.

Video Production

Video Production

Gain over 1,000 hours of practical training in the broadcasting, film and video industries in this two-year program. In addition to classes, undertake internships and part-time work at companies in the industry to become an expert in the entire video production workflow and open new doors to exciting employment opportunities.

School equipment and facilities

  • Digital editing and color grading studio
  • 16mm film camera
  • Film editing machine (Steenbeck)
  • Arriflex 16SR III and Carl Zeiss lens
  • Digital cinema camera
  • Computer graphics studio
  • Special effects and makeup studio
  • Drawing studio
  • Dark room
  • Photo studio
  • Dance studio
  • Acting studio
  • Vocal lesson studio
  • Recording studio
  • Music production laboratory


First year tuition¥1,397,000

Second year tuition¥1,384,000

Course material feeFrom ¥108,000 to ¥446,000*

*Depending on the selected major.

For more detailed information and fees, please inquire!


Although GaijinPot Study Service is FREE either you or a family member must be able to show annual income AND bank balance of 2 million yen or more.

You are responsible for all costs associated with studying in Japan, including tuition and housing. Scholarships and other forms of financial aid are not available.

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