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COVID-19 Information
COVID-19 situation: Checklist before you take the plane to Japan
April 2, 2020

Please follow this series of steps before you take the plane to Japan: contact your local embassy, airport of arrival and school.

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recently decided to nullify the visa waiver program as well as to suspend all types of visas for a series of countries. 

1. Before you take the plane to Japan, please refer to the official website to verify if your country is on the list of countries targeted by these measures: Border enforcement measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Please contact your local Japanese embassy or consulate as well as your airport of arrival’s immigration office before flying to Japan. You need to confirm that your travel documents are fine and that you’ll be allowed entry to Japan. Do ask if you need to go through a 14-day quarantine period on arrival.

Please note that your airline’s information may not be up to date, and therefore you should contact the immigration authorities. 

2. Please communicate your flight details to your contact person at your school, so they can be assured of your arrival date and if required, calculate the 14-day quarantine period you have to go through before you are allowed to come to the school. 

3. Make sure you have booked a suitable place to arrange your 14 day quarantine (for example, a hotel near the airport). Please contact your airport of arrival’s immigration office to confirm that your housing is suitable for quarantine. Be aware that you will not be allowed to use public transportation or taxis, but hiring a private car (including Uber) is allowed.

If you have booked a room in a sharehouse, contact your sharehouse manager to confirm that you are allowed to move-in during your quarantine period. 

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