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Can I reschedule my Japanese language course start?

The Japanese immigration has extended the certificate of eligibility’s validity to 6 months for all April students. April students are welcome to postpone their class start to July 2020. 

The 6 month validity period starts from the date of issuance of your certificate, however it will only show a 3 month period at first and will have to be extended at the embassy once the initial period passes. Please inform your school of your decision as soon as possible and call your nearest consulate/embassy for confirmation. You will need an explanation letter from your school confirming your postponement which will be used to extend the certificate’s validity. 

The Japanese immigration has set a fast-track application process for April students who wish to postpone their studies to October 2020. You will still have to apply for a new visa, but it will be much easier.

Please inform your school of your decision as soon as possible. You must send your original certificate of eligibility back to the school and wait for further instructions to prepare your application for October 2020.

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