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WeLearn Community
Online and in-person Japanese lessons at a great price!

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Welcome to the WeLearn Community! WeLearn is an online platform offering both online and in-person Japanese lessons. For only ¥1,100 per month, you will gain access to weekly online and offline Japanese lessons hosted by native Japanese speakers from WeLearn’s stylish cafe in Akihabara, Tokyo! A one month trial is available now!

Every Monday and Wednesday, lessons are held online and classes are divided into beginner and advanced levels. You can choose your desired course based on your needs! In the beginner courses, English will also be used by teachers in order to get you started with Japanese. If you elect to take an advanced course, you might learn things like polite Japanese (keigo) or business Japanese! In either course, you are always welcome to ask questions in English or Japanese.

On top of the online lessons though, if you’re in the neighborhood you get access to at least two in-person Japanese language lessons held at WeLearn Community’s aforementioned Akihabara cafe every month! Free soft drinks will be available, along with fun language learning games to play with your peers/new friends. There will be groups of beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Everyone is very friendly, so you will be able to get chatting and learning right away!

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Course Details

Lesson Type: Group Lessons
Levels: Beginner, Advanced
Schedule: Online lessons every Wednesday from 7pm JST and every Monday from 10am JST, in-person lessons once a month on Saturday from 2pm JST
Duration: 90 minutes per lessons
Fees: ¥1,100 per month for all levels, no material or initial fees!

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