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Toyo Language School Online
Group and private online lessons from an accredited and popular school in Tokyo!

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Toyo Language School is an accredited and popular Japanese language school in Tokyo, but not everyone can commit to coming to Japan and studying full-time. That’s why Toyo offers online lessons, both in group and private settings! Do you want to study Japanese, but going to school everyday interferes with your work, studies, or other parts of your life? Deepen your understanding of Japanese at your own pace with online lessons from Toyo Language School!

How does it work?

With Toyo Language School Online, you can customize your own curriculum, including, but not limited to, JLPT-focused lessons from N5 to N1! Interested? Here is the basic flow:

  1. Apply! (click the link on the sidebar to head to Toyo’s page!)
  2. Receive counseling from Toyo’s teaching team about your Japanese goals
  3. Pre-lesson
  4. Payment
  5. Start your lessons!

You can check out what a potential N5 course looks like in the video below!

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Group lessons!

Private courses are of course great for focused students who want to achieve their goals quickly, but there are some amazing benefits to group lessons too! Toyo Language School’s online group lessons are hybrid, meaning you can participate online in the same classes that students are physically taking at Toyo’s Tokyo campus! This means that in addition to your language study, you’ll have opportunities to talk to other students about life in Japan and learn about your potential career path here.

You’ll be just as much of the lesson as the students physically there! If you have a question, the teacher is there to help you on the spot. By interacting with students in Japan you can not only improve your Japanese, but also come to more firmly grasp your goals and desires with both Japanese and Japan in general!


Group Lessons (3 month course, continuation possible)

Enrollment Period: January, April, July, October
Class Schedule: Monday-Friday
Class Duration: 09:10-12:25 or 13:10-16:25 (Japanese time!)


3-Month Tuition: ¥183,000

Private Lessons (up to 6 months, continuation possible)

Enrollment Period: Year round
Class Schedule: Monday-Friday
Class Duration: 55 minutes x 30 lessons, 9:00-20:00 Japan time on weekdays


6-Month Tuition: ¥183,000*

*You will receive 30 tickets for 55 minute lessons that can be used in up to 6 months. During counseling with the school, a lesson schedule will be set up.

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