Learn Japanese grammar in a fun, new way with JSL MeThod
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Learn Japanese grammar in a fun, new way with JSL MeThod.


  • Try it out with a three day free trial!
  • Developed by a Japanese language school with 35 years of experience
  • Learn grammar specifically used on the JLPT
  • Study anytime anywhere — one session is only 10 minutes!
  • JSL Survival included for free — study hiragana, katakana, and basic Japanese
  • Whiteboard animation reminds you of real classes and helps terms stick in your memory
  • Grammar quizzes test your comprehension and prepare you for real JLPT questions
  • Learn through engaging manga-style stories
  • Available in Japanese, English, Vietnamese, Thai, Nepalese, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Indonesian
  • Adjust playback speed for videos to make sure you catch everything
  • Access from your phone, tablet, or computer
  • Updates to N3-N1 lessons coming soon

A new way of learning Japanese

JSL MeTHOD has been curated for those desiring a fun and easy to use Japanese grammar learning experience. Whether you want to study for the JLPT or improve your grammar for conversation, JSL MeTHOD’s short and to-the-point lessons are a triumph.

Starting from the JLPT N5 level, you can become a grammar expert and impress your fellow Japanese studying friends. Utilizing their combination of visuals, audio, and fun quizzes, the concepts will become locked in your mind.

The variety of teaching methods packed into each 10 minute session is impressive. Even for the most basic of grammar concepts it manages to keep me engaged and I really understand why they call it a “new way” of learning Japanese.

Nathan – GaijinPot Study Coordinator

Study anywhere, anytime

Whether you are on the train using your smartphone or sitting at your desk in front of a PC, you can access JSL MeTHOD and pick up where you left off. Since JSL MeTHOD is accessible via website, you will never be limited. All you need is an internet connection!

It is the perfect service for those on the go. You can sit down and focus for multiple sessions when you want to a serious grammar study session, or you can just do a single 10 minute session during a short break. How you use and take advantage of JSL MeTHOD is up to you!

JSL Survival

In addition to the normal JSL MeTHOD experience, get access to JSL Survival. JSL Survival is included free and offers lessons on hiragana, katakana, and basic Japanese vocabulary. It is perfect for Japanese beginners or those looking to supplement their studies. Even if you are new to the language, you can sign up for the free trial, test our JSL Survival and continue onto the lessons provided by JSL MeTHOD. You can access JSL MeTHOD from the sidebar, or JSL Survival from the link below.


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