Coto Japanese Academy

Coto takes pride in its commitment to student growth.
Coto Japanese Academy
Coto takes pride in its commitment to student growth.
Online Japanese lessons anywhere in the world via Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts.

If you’d like to get started with our Japanese lessons - the first step is to contact us for a free level check and consultation.

Over 20 years of experience have allowed Coto to develop high quality Japanese lessons and become one of Tokyo's best part-time language schools.


Whether you are a short-term visitor to Japan or a long term resident, Coto Japanese Academy can help you. Coto Japanese Academy has been enabling international residents in Japan to enjoy communicating in Japanese for over 20 years.

What sets us apart is our high quality, customizable private lessons.  Whether you want to focus on speaking practice, learning new grammar and vocabulary, or improving your business communication skills – we have a lesson type that can match your needs.

They utilize a mix of their own self-developed materials (including the popular Nihongo Fun and Easy textbook series) as well as industry leading Japanese learning materials. You can preview some of their course materials at

Online Courses

Coto Japanese Academy offers a wide rang of online lessons to practice Japanese, learn and further improve your skills, as well as to prepare the JLPT exam. Their professionally trained and certified instructors will help you reach your language learning goals.

  • Each online session lasts 50 minutes
  • Online lessons can be conducted via Skype or Zoom Meetings
  • Private or small-group online lesson available

If you are a business person that is working on a presentation or you want advice about how to approach a negotiation – they can help you! 


Speaking Sessions

Practice your Japanese speaking through an informal free talk conversation with a Native Japanese speaker. Use the Japanese you already know and increase your fluency!

Speaking sessions are recommended to students who:

  • Do not live in Japan – but would like to practice speaking with a native speaker
  • Want to increase their conversational fluency through practice
  • Enjoy learning by doing through output.  The more you speak – the better you will become

Learning Sessions

Learn from a Professional Coto teacher and study through a textbook / hand picked learning materials that are used for in-person Coto lessons in Tokyo. Learn new vocabulary and grammar based on your language learning level and learning objectives.

Learning sessions are recommended to students who:

  • Have never studied Japanese, and don’t know how/where to start
  • Want to improve their Japanese Language ability but have no school in their area
  • Have left Japan but would like to keep learning Japanese at the same pace

Online JLPT Preparation Courses

Coto also offers an online seminar-style format course designed to prepare students for the JLPT Exam N3, N2 or N1. 

These courses can be started at any time.

  • Designed to prepare for the written exam
  • Provide both Kanji and Vocabulary & Grammar and Reading seminars
  • Classes are recorded so the student can review on their own


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