School Listing

Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin

Shibuya Gaigo Gakiun offers a fun international atmosphere for you to study Japanese.

Coto Language Academy

Coto Language Academy offers a wide range of lessons designed to fit every level of study.

OLJ Language Academy

Located in Shinjuku, we are one of the largest Japanese language schools in Tokyo.

Human Academy

Improve your Japanese skills for university, working in Japan or daily conversation.

Japanese Language School JLS

A new type of language school that you've never heard of before!

We Japanese Language School

We Japanese Language School strives to provide the highest quality language education in Japan.

Kyoshin Language Academy (Kyoto)

Kyoshin Language Academy is happy to introduce our new school in Kyoto.

Kumon Correspondence Course

Kumon’s Japanese Correspondence Course is perfect for anyone who wants to study online.